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Partition logical or primary ubuntu install

partition logical or primary ubuntu install

Each partition will come one after another, from the beginning of the drive, to the end.
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.0 Unported License.Note also that Linux can use GPT even on a bios-based computer, although there are caveats with some bioses.Most new computers, though, use, erase my hard drive windows xp eFI/uefi firmware, which generally uses the newer, gUID Partition Table (GPT) partitioning system.In most cases, you wouldn't want a separate /home partition unless you had at least 30 GB of hard drive space.Summarising so far So far, we have created a new 250MB partition on our free space.
So, if you don't have specific reasons, just go with the default choice.
In this example, we're just going.
If you're using Ubuntu.04 or earlier, you probably want to use Ext3 as the filesystem format for the partition.
Bios-mode Linux-only setup: Use MBR or GPT, as you see fit (but MBR is the safer and more traditional choice).
I believe Ubuntu.10 will default to using Ext4.
Lu Vnh PhĂșc's answer is basically correct for disks partitioned with the older MBR scheme, although I personally would recommend minimizing the use of primary partitions, since this will give you greater flexibility should you later need primary partitions for some other purpose.In Linux (and Mac OS X the root directory (represented by a single forward slash, and not to be confused with the /root directory which lives underneath / ) is the single top-level directory under which everything else lives, including /home.There's no difference in how they function or anything.Just like before, the partition is at the beginning of the free space Select Beginning, and hit return.If you're dual-booting Linux with Windows, you should be sure to install Linux in the same mode that Windows uses.If you have a large hard drive and lots of space to spare, give this a good amount of space, but be sure to leave space for your home and swap partitions.