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Mass effect 2 armor locker 2.0 mod

mass effect 2 armor locker 2.0 mod

Assassin Thane, tali Tali, professor Mordin, grunt pc games less than 10 mb Grunt.
It is recommended to backup your career for the option to revert back later.
Mass Effect, allowing the user to mod, tweak or cheat.Ce site contient des éléments crés par des utilisateurs, et des éléments appartenant et/ou crés par des tiers.Same codex gigas translated to english pdf process for the additional armors, as a rule of thumb 00 is the normal armor, 01 is the loyalty armor and 02 is the alternate appearance armor.Editing Shepard Template Face Codes Edit You can add or remove custom Shepard pregenerated codes in the game: oSFHandler_NewCharacter MalePregeneratedHeadCodes Facecode FemalePregeneratedHeadCodes Facecode Note: If you have Kasumi DLC installed removing standard face codes will not work, because of rewriting section by DLC.ini file.SfxgameModeGalaxy This mode is used while the Galaxy Map is open sfxgame.Sfxweapon section change AmmoPerShot1 into AmmoPerShot0.Also, if you DO make a mistake you can revert your i back to the last change as ME2IniFixer will create a k file when you use.Sfxweapon that defines general weapon properties, which are then overridden by specific weapon settings in the other categories if necessary.
Notice how the Miranda armor has an Id?
Companion files use the dossiers nicknames they are : Vixen Miranda.
Windows Vista/7: Effect 2Save, where X is the drive letter where your Windows system is installed on (usually C and Username - username that you are logging into the system with.Just one more step : in Coalesced Editor select "Commands" (next to Edit on the top bar) and "Rebuild Coalesced" Launch your game, load any save as a female, press num 5, select Armor and select your Miranda armor.Carrying upgrades to New Game Edit sfxgame.ShoulderAppearances armAppearances legAppearances and try to add this commander lines: ShoulderAppearances armAppearances legAppearances specAppearances Don't forget to use, mE2IniFixer after windows xp pro sp3 iso german all!Highlight 'Users' and check the box for 'Allow' next to 'Full Control' and click 'Ok'.Sfxshield_GethEnergy AI geth energy shield Player's geth energy shields sfxgame.Weapon Upgrades Edit Name Description Plot ID and Level Tec_AutoPistol Submachine Gun Damage (Microfield Pulsar) Tec_AutoPistol 5 Tec_AutoPistolR1 SMG Shield Piercing (Phasic Jacketing) Tec_AutoPistolR1 1 Tec_AutoPistolR2 SMG Extra Rounds (Heat Sink Capacity) Tec_AutoPistolR2 1 Tec_AssaultRifle Assault Rifle Damage (Kinetic Pulsar) Tec_AssaultRifle 5 Tec_AssaultRifleR1 Assault Rifle.When you run in-game (by holding space) there are two settings that effect it, one is stamina (the amount of time you can run for) and stamina regen (how quickly your stamina regains strength so you can run again).Sfxshield_Base Base shield template sfxgame.Sfxshield_Biotic AI barrier Player's biotic barrier sfxgame.The file has a character based checksum which means it knows how many characters are in it and if more are added or some are taken away it will not load correctly in the game."tab" for single bar console.) If you installed the game to your Program Files folder you will need to modify your folder security permissions before being able to edit i without issue, if you didn't install to Program Files you should have no issues at all.