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Jain books in hindi

jain books in hindi

Contents, canonical edit, jain Agamas edit.
Jain literature comprises, jain Agamas and subsequent commentaries on them by various.These discourses are termed as rutu Jnna ( Jinvani ) and comprises eleven angas and fourteen purvas.Chief among these is Ardha Magadhi, which due to its extensive use has also come to be identified as the harry potter talking book definitive form of Prakrit.Jain: chrya Bhutabali was the last ascetic who had partial knowledge of the original canon.Lokaprakasa of Vinayavijaya and pratimasataka of Yasovijaya were written.Yasovijaya defends idol-worshiping in this work.The two chryas wrote, on palm leaves, akhagama - among the oldest known Digambara Jaina texts.Other dialects include versions of Maharashtri and Sauraseni.The Digambara sect believes that there were 26 Agamsutras (12 Angagams 14 Angbahyaagams ).Citation needed Kashaypahud or Kashay-prabhrut edit Main article: Kasayapahuda Acharya Gunadhara wrote the Kasay-pahud on the basis of the fifth Purvaagama named Jnanapravad.Citation needed The first autobiography in the ancestor of Hindi, Braj Bhasha, is called Ardhakathnaka and was written by a Jain, Banarasidasa, an ardent follower of Acarya Kundakunda who lived in Agra.
Devendrasuri wrote Karmagrantha which discuss the theory of Karma in Jainism.
He also wrote Samhita, a book dealing with legal cases.
Citation needed Jainendra-vyakarana of Acharya Pujyapada and Sakatayana-vyakarana fallout new vegas walkthrough pc ign of Sakatayana are the works on grammar written.
Hence, they do not recognize the existing Agam-sutras (which are recognized by the Svetambara sects) as their authentic scriptures.
Kielhorn as the best grammar work of the Indian middle age.
Non-Canonical edit Theological edit Bhadrabahu (c.
App also contains a small introduction.The second Purvaagama named Agrayaniya was used as the basis for this text.Around the same time, chrya Gunadhar wrote Kayaphuda.8th century CE Vikramarjuna-Vijaya (also known as Pampa-Bharata) of Kannada poet named Adi Pampa (c.ABC-clio, isbn Dundas, Paul (2002) the heirs episode 07 1992, The Jains (Second.According to the Jains, the canonical literature originated from the first tirthankara Rishabhanatha.The prathmanuyoga (first exposition) contains the universal history, the karananuyoga (calculation exposition) contains works on cosmology and the charananuyoga (behaviour exposition) includes texts about proper behaviour for monks and Sravakas.Citation needed Jain literature was written in Apabhraa (Kahas, rasas, and grammars Standard Hindi (Chhahadhala, Moksh Marg Prakashak, and others Tamil ( Nlaiyr, Civaka Cintamani, Valayapathi, and others and Kannada ( Vaddaradhane and various other texts).